Aleph Molinari

Aleph Molinari

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IT Activist

The Aleph Molinari keynotes address the contemporary technology divide and its related future consequences. A pervasive lack of access to digital tools in developing regions is one that Molinari has taken up issue with, in large part due to his support of the Internet as a right rather than a privilege.

Molinari studied both critical theory and economics at Canada's University of British Columbia. He has since then spearheaded a variety of philanthropic projects, inclusive of his position as director of a 2006 documentary on the subject of impoverished Mexico City trash pickers. This undertaking inspired his foundation of the Fundacion Proacceso, an organization that is now dedicated to the technological development of the Mexican landscape.

Those who have drawn inspiration from Aleph Molinari's keynotes will be pleased to know that within the short span of 3 years, the Fundacion Proacceso managed to establish 70 hubs in 24 municipalities. His development of the organization was recognized in 2012 as the recipient of the Dewey Winburne Community Service Award.

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