Alex Bogusky

Alex Bogusky

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Founder/Partner at FearLess & COMMON

The Alex Bogusky speeches focus on the positive impact of social entrepreneurs. Bogusky is the man behind the most successful anti-tobacco initiative in US history that was aimed at youths called ‘The Truth Campaign.’ In 2010, Bogusky started the ‘The Fearless Revolution,’ which is known as a group of empowered and educated consumers, who want to take on corporate powers. Bogusky’s latest project called COMMON is a collaborative brand that prototypes social ventures.

In 1989, Bogusky was an Art Director at Crispin and Porter Advertising, and later became a partner in 1997, and co-chairman in 2008. Crispin and Porter Advertising agency is the only company to win the Cannes Advertising Grand Prix, in the categories of Film, Titanium, Promo, Media and Cyber. Adweek magazine has called Bogusky the 'Creative Director of the Decade,' in the 2000’s issue. And in 2002 he he was inducted into the American Advertising Federation’s Hall of Achievement. Due to his extensive work experience and passion, the Alex Bogusky speeches are sure to inspire the socially driven.

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