Amit Sood

Amit Sood

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Art Project Lead at Google

The keynotes by Amit Sood stress the inaccessibility of art and museums in some areas of the world, and and aim to inspire people artistically all around the world.

Amit Sood attended the Sydenham College Mumbai and received a bachelor's of commerce degree. He joined the workforce first at AIESEC, then cycling quickly through manager positions at Ericsson and TechnologyHoldings. Sood continued his education at INSEAD, where he obtained his MBA. Coming out of school he secured a position at Google as Head of GEO Marketing. After a short year in this position, he became the Head of Android Marketing in Mountain View and then in 2007 became Art Project Lead.

In exploring the Google Art Project feature, the keynotes by Amit Sood give reason for any audience to appreciate art.

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