Andreas Ekström

Andreas Ekström

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Journalist, Writer, Newspaper Reporter

In keynotes by Ekström, he discusses the digital revolution of online applications in current society and how it affects and changes society. As a journalist, Ekström has first-hand account on how the media is affected by the advancements of current Internet applications such Google.

Ekström is an author of several books; his debut book is 'Word Play.' Afterwards he published 'Secret Daddy' in 2006, 'Faculty of the Universe' in 2008 where he partnered with Per Lindström. But his book 'Google Code' published in 2010 garnered him international accolades, where he discusses the company Google's impact on societal culture, media and how it affects everyone in the planet who uses Google. Keynotes by Ekström have been showcased around Europe mostly discussing the extent of online platforms.

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