Arthur Potts Dawson

Arthur Potts Dawson

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The Arthur Potts Dawson keynotes examine the wasteful processes often committed in the restaurant industry. In particular, Dawson believes by making individuals aware of the current wasteful characteristics of the industry that they can be stopped. With over 20 years of cooking experience, Dawson possesses insight into an industry that is not normally discussed

After completing a three year apprenticeship with the Roux Brothers, Dawson went on to work for two years with Chef Rowley Leigh. This eventually led him to a position as Head Chef at the River Cafe and as the Executive Head Chief from Fifteen Restaurant owned by Jamie Oliver.

With a passion for the environment, Dawson went on to create two sustainable and waste-free restaurants named 'Acorn House' and 'Water House.'

As an author, Dawson is probably most recognized for this cookbook 'The Acorn House Cookbook,' which he released in 2008. He was recognized as a fellow of the 'Royal Society of the Arts' and was named England's Ambassador Chief at Terra Madre. He also makes regular appearances on the television show 'Market Kitchen' and 'Saturday Cooks.' He is a contributing writer for the Guardian's Travel/Food Section.

By introducing sustainable solution that he uses in his own restaurants, the Arthur Potts Dawson keynotes encourage individuals to realize the waste their reduce it.

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