Ben Dubin-Thaler

Ben Dubin-Thaler

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Founder and Director, Cell Motion Laboratories, Inc

Ben Dubin-Thaler keynote speeches discuss more effective ways to incorporate hands-on science lessons into the educational system for those who live in areas where no such programs exist or are underfunded and ineffective.

The Founder and Director of Cell Motion Laboratories, Inc. is committed to extending the study of chemistry, ecology and biology to under-serviced communities by way of his BioBus initiative. The sustainably run bus houses a research-grade science lab that allows students to experiment under the guidance of professional scientists. Ben Dubin-Thaler keynote speeches focus on the work that his company has done as well as encouraging others to create new ways of dispersing knowledge and eliminating the gap that exists in the current educational system.

As a student of the sciences himself, he completed his undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D studies in Cell Biophysics, Physics and Mathematics at Columbia University and is constantly striving to spread this knowledge to a younger generation.

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