Ben Lerer

Ben Lerer

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Founder and CEO of Thrillist, Partner at Lerer Ventures

The keynotes by Ben Lerer help businesses build trust and develop a deeper level of engagement with their users. He describes how important it is for businesses to change their models to build trust amongst their users.

Ben Lerer earned a degree in political science from the University of Pennslyvania before founding and becoming the CEO of Thrillist. This digital media company joins the men's lifestyle brand with JackThreads and Thrillist Rewards. This company gets more than 4 million subscriptions each day, and its demographic is young urban males. Ben Lerer is also a partner with Lerer Ventures.

Ben Lerer was named Entrepreneur Magazine's 'Top 5 Entrepreneurs of the Year,' and was listed as one of Crain's '40 Under 40.' The keynotes by Ben Lerer help media companies with the challenges that comes with the web era, and he describes the necessity for engaging users at a deeper level.

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