Bhagwan Chowdry

Bhagwan Chowdry

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Professor of Finance and Master of Financial Engineering at UCLA Anderson School

Bhagwan Chowdry's keynotes take his teachings and learnings as a professor and international educator and apply them to another area of his life: his position as Co-Founder of the Financial Access at Birth (FAB) initiative, which aims to provide every child in the world with a $100 trust at birth to spread access to education. Professor Chowdry's educational experience spans a B.A from the Graduate School of Business at the University of Chicago, an M.B.A in Finance from the University of Iowa and a B.Tech in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology.

From his experience as a professor of Finance at UCLA Anderson, he has the skills in the fiscal realm to foresee a legitimate possibility to increase the world's literacy problem and make lasting change in the future of aid.

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