Bijoy Goswami

Bijoy Goswami

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Founder of the Bootstrap Network, Author

In the Bijoy Goswami keynotes, he offers actionable insights into the benefits of mental models as they pertain to decision-making, teamwork and entrepreneurial ventures.

Goswami is the founder of the the Bootstrap Network, an organization that brings entrepreneurs from various fields together to share advice about creating and maintaining companies. He is also the author of 'The Human Fabric.' In this book and the Bijoy Goswami keynotes, he explores and synthesizes concepts found in eastern philosophy, management theory and the social sciences to arrive at useful insights and unlock potential.

Goswami is a graduate of Stanford University. Here, he studied an eclectic array of disciplines including economics, history and computer science. After graduating he co-founded his own software company along with Bruce Krysiak, before creating the Bootstrap Network.

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