Bo Fishback

Bo Fishback

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Founder and CEO of Zaarly

The keynotes by Bo Fishback focus on the evolution of the marketplace and identify new tools to stimulate economic growth. He describes the marketplace of the past, and how it needs to develop for sustainability in the future.

Bo Fishback earned a bachelor's in biomedical engineering at Southern Methodist University, and his MBA at Harvard Business School. He was the president of Kauffman Labs, advisor for PlotWatt, founder and board member of Orbis Biosciences and advisor for Startup Weekend. Currently, he is the founder and CEO of Zaarly, Inc, which is a real-time buyer powered market.

The keynotes by Bo Fishback show how the marketplace and retail space will change in the future. Bo Fishback proves how the buyers and sellers market is based on five pillars, and he demonstrates how shopping has developed over the years.

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