Bob Parsons

Bob Parsons

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Executive Chairman and Founder of Go Daddy Group

Bob Parsons' keynotes are a culmination of his marketing successes through his company group of Go Daddy. As an entrepreneur, Parsons has been responsible for grouping together successful companies under his umbrella group of Go Daddy.

After registering for the United States Marine Corps, Parsons was assigned to the 26th Marine Regiment and went on a tour of duty to Vietnam, where he was wounded and evacuated. For his service, Parsons was awarded a Purple Heart, a Combat Action Ribbon and the Vietname Gallantry Cross. In 1975, Parsons earned his degree in accounting from the University of Baltimore. After founding the successful Parsons Technology company in 1984, Parsons was able to sell Parsons to Intuit for the selling price of $64 million.

In 2011, Parsons officially stepped down as CEO of Go Daddy. Bob Parsons' keynotes reflect his insight into marketing and share personal, fascinating stories from his personal and professional life.

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