Brian Cox

Brian Cox

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Particle Physicist

The Brian Cox keynotes discusses the need for continued science exploration. He is well-known on the BBC Channel as a presenter for a number of science programs, such as the ‘Horizon’ series and ‘In Einstein's Shadow.’ He attended Victoria University of Manchester, where he studied physics; he later went on to complete a PhD in high energy particle physics.

Cox is a regular TED speaker who gives lectures on particle physics and LHC; he has also written and co-authored numerous books with Jeff Forshaw such as ‘The Quantum Universe’ and ‘Why does E=mc2?’ Cox is also the recipient of numerous awards; in 2006 he received the British Association's Lord Kelvin Award, and was elected as a University Research Fellow of The Royal Society. In 2010, he was honorably appointed as the ‘Officer of the Order of the British Empire’ in the Queen's 2010 Birthday Honors for services to science. The Brian Cox speeches are inspirational for the curiosity driven minds in society today.

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