Carmine Gallo

Carmine Gallo

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Author, Communications Coach, Owner of Gallo Communications

The keynotes by Carmine Gallo focus on persuasive presentations and vision communication. Gallo looks at how to sell ideas effectively, and teaches audiences how to appeal to people's heart before their brains.

Carmine Gallo attended the University of California and Northwestern University for his master's in journalism. Gallo is a best-selling author and worked as an anchor, and a reporter for CNN and CBS. He worked as a host of Tech Tv, and is currently the owner of Gallo Communications. He is a well-respected business leader, and has learned how to master effective communication strategies and tactics.

The keynotes by Carmine Gallo ask people what they are passionate about, and describe how to communicate persuasively to sell ideas. By making emotional connections with audiences Carmine shows how his tips are effective.

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