Christophe Fauconnier

Christophe Fauconnier

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Psychologist, Social Entrepreneur

The Christophe Fauconnier talk about social business describes the three archetypes that can transform a venture into one that makes a positive and scaleable impact. It also discusses some of the speaker's background as a white South African under the Apartheid regime, his training as a psychologist and eventual move into the realm of social enterprise.

The social entrepreneur currently works as the CEO and Founder of Innate Motion Group with a "tribal role" of "brave-hearted challenger." Unsurprisingly based on the content of the Christophe Fauconnier talk, the company helps others create "more meaningful growth." The Paris-based speaker is also a board member of Africa Drive, Crowdsourcing Week and in/PACT.

He holds masters degrees in psychology and marketing and has started other business ventures in the past.

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