Clay Christensen

Clay Christensen

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Keynotes by Clayton Christensen examine where future business opportunities are likely to be and how they can be identified. As a Harvard Business Administration professor, Christensen possess extensive knowledge about the current business world and predictions regarding its future. In conjunction with teaching, Christensen also conducts regular research on new technological innovations for management and business markets.

Christensen currently holds a position in Harvard's Technology and Operations Management and General Management faculty. In terms of his education, Christensen received his Bachelor of Arts in economics from Brigham Young University and a Master of Philosophy in economics from Oxford University. He also boasts an MBA and DBA from Harvard Business School, where he currently holds a position. Christensen was named a 'White House Fellow' in President Ronald Reagan's administration and a member of the 'Boston Consulting Group.'

During his career, Christensen authored countless publications, which received numerous academic awards, including the 'Global Business Book Award-Winner' 'The Innovator's Dilemma' and ' Seeing What's Next: Using the Theories of Innovation to Predict Industry Change.' Like his renowned publications, keynotes by Clayton Christensen thoughtfully examine future business opportunities and how businesses can capitalize on these outcomes.

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Clay Christensen is the author of several books on the topics of innovation of social issues, education and health care, and is currently a Professor of Business Administration at Harvard. He... is dedicated to finding the best keynote speakers, videos and ideas from around the world, founded by keynote speaker Jeremy Gutsche for those who love new ideas  [More]
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