Dan Heath

Dan Heath

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Author, Writer, Senior Fellow, Case Writer, Researcher

The Dan Heath keynotes discuss how individuals tend to focus on failures, rather than successes. Heath believes that society obsesses about the negatives instead of asking what led to them, and as a result, disregarding any positives that may have existed.

Currently, a Senior Fellow at Duke University's CASE center, Heath plays an active role in motivating and supporting social entrepreneurs. Prior to this position, Heath was a case writer and researcher for Harvard Business School. His MBA from Harvard Business School and Bachelor of Arts degree from the Plan II Honors Program at the University of Texas give Heath an in-depth perspective of the business world.

Heath is a contributing writer for 'Fast Company' magazine and is a co-author of New York Times and Wall Journal bestseller 'Switch: How to Change Things When Change is Hard,' which was named 'Best Business Book of the Year.' With teaching and consultation experience, organizations like Microsoft and the American Heart Association rely on Heath for his insightful advice.

Offering optimistic advice and a positive perspective, the Dan Heath keynotes suggest individuals move to improve from past failures, rather than dwell on them.

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