Dan Nocera

Dan Nocera

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Humanitarian, Chemist and Professor

The Dan Nocera keynotes focus on energy conversion in biology and chemistry with a special focus on solar fuel. In 1979, he attained a Bachelor of Science Degree from Rutgers University in the field of Chemistry. In 1984 he went on to achieve a Ph.D in Chemistry from the California Institute of Technology. Nocera joined Michigan State University as an associate professor in 1984, and then became a full fledged professor at the school in 1990; he is currently a Professor of Chemistry and the Henry Dreyfus Professor of Energy at Michigan State University.

Some of his innovations include hydrogen gas production from acidic solutions using a Rhodium photocatalyst, the first microfluidic optical chemosensor, synthesis of the first S = 1/2 kagome lattice, the first direct observation of the zwitterionic excited state and the invention of the molecular tagging velocimetry technique.

He has published over 225 research papers and has received numerous awards including the American Institute of Chemists Award in 1979, the Eni-Italgas Prize for Energy & the Environment in 2005, and most recently in 2009 he received the American Chemical Society Award in Inorganic Chemistry. The Dan Nocera keynotes provide valuable information on artificial photosynthesis and discuss energy saving methods that are crucial to implement as our energy consumption continues to grow.

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