David Saddington

David Saddington

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Entrepreneur, Activist

The David Saddington talk on climate change shares the speaker's experience as an environmental activist. In 2005 he experienced the effects of climate change firsthand. Since that time, he started his own social enterprise and social media campaign that reached over 3 million people. He also played a role in influencing UK governmental policy. An advocate for education, he met with former Prime Minister Tony Blair on the topic of integrating climate change into the national curriculum -- at the age of 10. His platform was successful and he was involved in teaching teachers how to teach climate change, as was explained in the David Saddington talk.

The Three Dot Dash Global Teen Leader develops eco gardens across northern England as part of his social business. He also works as a consultant and commentator in the environmental field.

The speaker studied geography at Durham University for three years and led an expedition in Iceland during his time there. He is currently a Masters student.

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