David Trimble

David Trimble

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Former First Minister of Northern Ireland, Life Peer in the Conservative Party (

David Trimble's speeches address no smaller issue than peace. As the former First Minister of Northern Ireland -- the first person to ever hold that post -- and the Leader of the Ulster Unionist Party during the peace process in that country, Trimble does not throw around the word peace lightly. It is one thing to hope for peace or use it cynically as a catchphrase; it is something else entirely to be in a position where one is responsible for others and compelled to work towards and ultimately achieving peace in a contentious and often violent environment.

Prior to his career as an official and politician, Trimble was a professor of law at Queen's University Belfast. David Trimble's speeches employ the tact of skilled politician and the precise mind of lawyer. His experience and talents led the Israeli government in June 2010 to appoint Trimble as one of two international observers who were to investigate an Israeli military operation.

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