Dennis Littky

Dennis Littky

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Dennis Littky's keynotes provide a window to the problems currently gripping American school systems. Littky is an advocate for modern and atypical education models, and his experience with traditional schools for more than 40 years lends credit to his name. The forward-thinker graduated from the University of Michigan where he received two Ph.D's in the subjects of psychology and education.

Littky's original approach to learning is reflected in his boundless career. He has mastered both the publication and television realms. NBC networks covered his time as principal with the Thayer Junior/Senior High School in their film 'A Town Torn Apart.' The basis for this film was taken from the very novel that documents Littky's life, justly titled 'Doc: The Story of Dennis Littky and His Fight for a Better School.' His invigorating keynotes also reflect his own co-founding of the 'Big Picture Learning' organization. In 2003 Littky's expertise were brought to the fore of pedagogic circles with his acquisition of the Harold W. McGraw Jr. Prize in Education.

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