Diane Francis

Diane Francis

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Best Selling Author and Leading Business Writer

Speeches by Diane Francis are frank, straightforward accounts of societal and business issues. While rhetoric can be helpful for articulating an idea or argument, facts and perspective are key to any well-supported view -- things that Francis has in spades.

Francis is a bestselling author and leading business writer. She is also an Editor-at-Large at The National Post and broadcaster. Her books include the best selling 'Who Owns Canada Now?' which looks at how the Canadian economy has changed in the past generation.

Beyond her writings, Francis is a Distinguished Professor at the Rogers School of Management at Ryerson and a Media Fellow with the World Economic Forum, where she advises several large corporations.

Everything from marketing and branding to social issues and international development are covered in speeches by Diane Francis. She communicates her points with the articulation of a journalist and backs them up with the learning of scholar.

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