Doug Jaeger

Doug Jaeger

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The keynotes by Doug Jaeger focus on mentors and the importance they can have on one's life. Mentors are necessary during challenging times, and Doug Jaeger shares with his audiences insightful conversations revolving around receiving support from others.

Doug Jaeger earned a degree in computer graphics and art media studies from Syracuse University. He was the president of The Art Directors Club, and is currently the vice president. He is also a professor of graphics design and advertising at the School of Visual Arts, and he is a co-curator at JSx55. As well, Doug is a partner at Jaeger Sloan, which helps brands and publishers with marketing, production techniques and creative platforms.

The keynotes by Doug Jaeger help turn problems into solutions through the support of a mentor during difficult times. Doug reflects on his experiences where he has relied on others for help, and he emphasizes the benefits that this can have on one's life.

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