Dr. Michael Ehrlich

Dr. Michael Ehrlich

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Professor at NJIT's School of Management

The Dr. Michael Ehrlich keynotes give helpful advice on entrepreneurs looking to develop successful business proposals.

Ehrlich received his doctorate from Princeton University in economics with a specialty in finance. His bachelor’s degree is from Yale University.

Ehrlich started his career on Wall Street at Lehman Brothers Kuhn Loeb and Salomon Brothers and ended at Bear Stearns. He founded FineStar Imaging, a technology company in document production. He then joined the academic world as an assistant professor of finance at NJIT's School of Management. His work has been featured in the Journal of Corporate Accounting and Finance and The American Economist.

He is currently still at the NJIT's School of Management.

Drawing from extensive experience in the business sector, the Dr. Michael Ehrlich keynotes are a valuable resource for anyone looking to create the 'next big thing.'

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