Drew Dudley

Drew Dudley

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Founder and Chief Catalyst at Nuance Leadership Development Services, Inc.

Drew Dudley's keynotes are a fun look at the smaller moments in life. Too often people let the big things overwhelm them and don't stop to take a look at what Dudley labels the 'Lollipop Moments,' which can brighten a day, an afternoon and even a fleeting second in time.

Dudley's insightful and meaningful keynotes are a lighter look at one of the most important aspects to living a good life -- looking out for others and doing small things to brighten their day and your own. Located in Toronto, Dudley currently works as the Founder and Chief Catalyst at Nuance Leadership Development Services, Inc. and has held positions in the past with the University of Toronto at its Scarborough campus.

Educated at Mount Allison University, Dudley graduated in 2001 and has gone on to live a meaningful life. Drew Dudley's keynotes are both inspiring and entertaining, providing audiences with valuable takeaways.

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