Elizabeth Pollom

Elizabeth Pollom

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Postdoctorate Fellow, Virology Specialist

As a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford university, Dr. Elizabeth Pollom delivers keynotes that focus on her work in virology. Pollom began her academic career studying biochemistry at DePauw University. Much of her undergraduate work focused on virology, most specifically on the Ebola virus. She pursued this interest further by choosing to specialize in viruses with RNA (ribonucleic acid) genomes. Pollom went on to obtain her Ph.D in Biochemistry and Biophysics at the University of North Carolina, where she focused on RNA structure of immunodeficiency viruses.

From her current station at Stanford, Pollom studies the RNA structure of the poliovirus genome during viral replication. Her intention in these studies is to gain insight on the replication procedure and share this knowledge with academic communities.

Pollum was invited to lecture as part of the TEDx series where she presented a simplified presentation on the importance of vaccination to the health of the communitoies

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