Ellen Gustafson

Ellen Gustafson

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Food Activist, Author, Social Entrepreneur

The keynotes by Ellen Gustafson focus on her work as a sustainable food system activist, author and social entrepreneur. She has founded and directed numerous projects, beginning with the 30 project, a campaign that connects hunger and obesity in an attempt to radicalize the conversation about the global food system. Gustafson co-founded FEED Projects, a charity that has provided over 60 million school lunches for children around the world. She also co-created Food Think Tank with Danielle Nierenberg, a network that seeks to offer environmentally sustainable solutions to alleviate hunger, obesity and poverty.

In addition, Gustafson represents the United States as a spokesperson for the UN World Food Program, acts as a research associate for the Military Fellows at the Council on Foreign Relation as well as a terrorism research reporter in the ABC news Investigative Unit.

Recently, Gustafson is celebrating the release of her first book, titled, “We the Eaters: If We Change Dinner, We Can Change the World.”

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