Erica Williams

Erica Williams

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CEO at Society by Design

The Erica Williams speeches provide insights on how technology can be used to bring people closer together for a common cause. Williams is the CEO at Society by Design, which is a non-profit organization that offers multidisciplinary design education and community service; it is predominantly aimed at inspiring youths to become changemakers within their communities.

Williams achieved a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Maryland in African-American studies and public policy, and also graduated from the Women and Political Leadership Training Program at the American University.

Aside from her role as CEO at Society by Design, Williams is a senior advisor and director of the Millennial Strategies at the Citizen Engagement Lab, and also co-founded and built the Center for American Progress 2050, which offers programs on diversity and equality.

Williams has received several honors such as the O’ Magazine's ‘Women Rule Leadership Award,’ and being named alongside Michele Obama at 'TheGrio’s 100' in 2011. The Erica Williams speeches are sure to provide valuable information and insights into how to nurture future leaders.

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