Erik Berlow

Erik Berlow

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TED Fellow at TED, Research Scientist at U.S Geological Survey

Erik Berlow's keynotes center around his passion for science. As a current scientist, TED Fellow, Institute owner, and cafe co-owner, Berlow boasts a wide array of interests and talents. His ability to merge business and science has enabled him to lead an impressive life and career.

Upon receiving his Bachelor's of Arts in Biology from Brown University in 1984, Berlow went to Oregon State University for his Ph.D in Ecology and later the University of California, Berkeley for his Postdoc in Ecology.

Berlow has since held positions with UC Merced, Sierra Nevada Research Institute, Swall Institute (where he's a founder), Awaken Cafe (where he's a co-owner), U.S Geological Survey and most recently TED, where he is a Fellow.

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