Eve Ensler

Eve Ensler

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The powerful Eve Ensler speeches take on a variety of difficult gender issues head on. According to Ensler, all humans are born with a girl cell, regardless of sex. And while this cell is inherent in all beings, society has professed the need to do away with the cell with a total disregard for empathy, emotions, vulnerability and compassion.

Ensler is a central figure within the contemporary women's movement. Her graduation from Middlebury College in 1975 would eventually be met with a long list of successes, inclusive of her authorship of The Vagina Monologues in 1996. Although the iconic script was first performed at a small Greenwich Village cafe, it has since starred the likes of Jane Fonda, Glenn Close and Susan Sarandon.

Many have become become enamored with the enlightening nature of Eve Ensler's speeches, as well as with her lifetime of achievements. Her controversial take on women's issues in the performance art sector has brought about her receipt of the Guggenheim Fellowship Award in Playwriting, as well as the Berrilla-Kerr Award for Playwriting. Her books "Insecure At Last: Losing It In Our Security-Obsessed World" and "I Am An Emotional Creature: The Secret Life of Girls Around The World" have also been well-received amid her fan base.

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