Gever Tulley

Gever Tulley

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Co-Founder of The Tinkering School

Advocating some very novel ideas about the way people raise their children, presentations by Gever Tulley are unexpected and at times, shocking.

Tulley, who is a self-taught computer scientist, is perhaps best known for his book '50 Dangerous Things You Should Let Your Kid Do' and his project 'The Tinkering School.' Both of these initiatives relate to Tulley's relentless enthusiasm for the idea of letting children use power tools in order to develop skills on their own. Frustrated by the overly cautious world around him, particularly in regard to the raising of children, Tulley decided to take action in order to offer children unique opportunities. A TED conference speaker who is exciting due to the content of his speeches, Tulley is an attention-grabber with excellent justifications for his wild ideas.

Presentations by Gever Tulley are sure to pleasantly surprise and stimulate audiences. A forward-thinker with an ambitious nature, he's an engaging speaker with a strong message.

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