Graham Hill

Graham Hill

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Founder, CEO, Writer, Designer

The Graham Hill keynotes promote the need to downsize in society. Hill believes there exists a correlation between an individual's space and their happiness and challenges viewers to act accordingly.

Hill is currently a Consultant at Discovery Communications and the Founder and CEO of LifeEdited Inc. He is also the Founder and CEO at Exception Labs Inc. Prior to these positions, Hill was the Vice President of Interactive Planet Green at Discovery Communications and the General Manager and Director of Information Architecture at Bowne. He is also the founder and blogger for '' and owner of 'Exception Lab.' In terms of his education, Hill received his Bachelor of Architecture with Distinction from Carleton University.

As an author, Hill is most commonly recognized for his book 'Weekly Vegetarian.' Stressing the importance of editing one's spaces, the Graham Hill keynotes suggest that individuals discard the excess and focus on the essentials.

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