Halla Tomasdottir

Halla Tomasdottir

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Co-founder of Audur Capital Financial Services

In her presentations, Halla Tomasdottir speaks to the need of diversity in the financial industry. She points out that social values, which would by many be categorized as feminine values -- caring, nurturing, -- have an important role to play in financial services.

Tomasdottir is the co-founder of Audur Capital, a financial services firm that has a different way of doing business. While the 2008 financial collapse in many ways was brought on by overconfident investments and reckless behavior often callous to the human cost of bad predictions, Audur Capital aims to put its investors first, appreciating them as human beings rather than just numbers in a ledger. However, this is not to say that the firm doesn't like profit. As is clear in her presentations, Halla Tomasdottir is keen to point out that profits and client-care are often interrelated. This is something she learned after years of working in the corporate world at such companies as Pepsi-Cola and M&M/Mars.

Aside from her duties as executive chairman at Audur Capital, Tomasdottir is currently a managing director at Iceland's Chamber of Commerce.

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