Henry Alex Rubin

Henry Alex Rubin

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Henry Alex Rubin is a director who made a film in 2012 about technology's role in social disconnect, a topic which he as given speeches on. Rubin took film studies both at Phillips Academy and Columbia University.

Rubin has directed both films and commercials. He produced 'Freestyle' starring Mos Def and The Roots, which won him Best Documentary at the Woodstock and Urbanworld Film Festivals. He also directed a movie starring the late Dennis Hooper called 'Who is Henry Jaglom?'

Rubin's film 'Disconnect' was released in 2012. Rubin doesn't believe that technology plays a large role in social disconnect. He thinks individual personalities are more to blame for that. A person who is easily distracted will still be easily distracted if you take their phone away.

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