Hillel Cooperman

Hillel Cooperman

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Co-founder and Owner of Jackson Fish Market

The speeches by Hillel Cooperman explain how playing with LEGO as an adult can unleash one's imagination and creativity. His experiences playing with LEGO as an adult began after he purchased a set for his 4-year-old daughter, but he soon realized that he was predominantly buying it for his personal use.

Hillel Cooperman attended Brandeis University where he received his degree in history. After that, he worked at Microsoft for nine and a half years, and founded a food blog called the 'Tastingmenu.' Currently, he spends his time as the owner and co-founder of the Jackson Fish Market, which is a small software company in Seattle.

The speeches by Hillel Cooperman explore what it is like playing with toys as adults. He strongly believes that adults should not rule them out as educational or enjoyable. He believes that playing with LEGO goes beyond one's youth, and that everyone should entertain his or her inner child.

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