Ivan Marovic

Ivan Marovic

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Founder of Star Hill PR/Video Game Producer at York Zimmerman Inc.

Keynotes by Ivan Marovic discuss the positive traits of video games and the use of strategic and nonviolent means to promote social connectivity and social change. Marovic is the founder of Star Hill PR and a video game producer at York Zimmerman Inc. Marovic's position at York Zimmerman Inc. has allowed him to teach activists that through nonviolent means, social change can be mobilized. Prior to this current position, he was one of the founders of 'Optor,' a student resistance movement that used nonviolent means in its struggle for social change and he was also representative in the Democratic Opposition of Serbia (DOS).

Marovic is currently one of the leading trainers in the topic of strategic nonviolent conflict and has worked with York Zimmerman to create a video game that encourages nonviolent protesting by activists. This initiative is aimed towards younger generations who are often influenced by what they hear, see and play. In terms of his education, Marovic holds a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from the Univerzitet Beogradu and a Master of Arts in International Relations from Tufts University. Besides consulting with pro-democracy groups, Marovic also heads up The Center for Nonviolent Resistance in Belgrade. In an age of technological saturation keynotes by Ivan Marovic provide technology-infused solutions and nonviolent means for societal change.

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