Jacek Utko

Jacek Utko

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The Jacek Utko presentations delve into the decline of the printing industry. Online news sites have altered the delivery of information, largely to the detriment of longstanding publications. Utko's initiatives have attempted to mitigate the issue by modernizing the design and appearances of Eastern European periodicals.

Utko's interest in presentation is an offshoot of his architecture studies. His experiences with film and set design eventually led him to Bonnier Business Press' Puls Biznesu newspaper. As he moved up the corporate ladder he came to assume the position of chief design director at Bonnier Business Pres where he developed his expert knowledge on the industry.

It is important to take note of the benevolent message that is contained in Jacek Utko's presentations. The intense nose dive taken by the world of print is one that few have adequately prepared for, and Utko's swift response will in turn help to save the livelihood of countless writers, editors and graphic experts. His receipt of Poland's 'Cover of the Year' award on three separate occasions has given his work the recognition that it is deserving of.

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