Jae Rhim Lee

Jae Rhim Lee

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The Jae Rhim Lee keynotes are insightful discussions that examine the toxins present in human bodies. In particular, Lee explores the harmful toxin BPA and how its presence in the human body after death can have detrimental environmental effects.

Lee is currently a visiting scholar at UC Berkeley's Center for Information Technology Research in the Interest of Society and a 2011 TEDGLOBAL Fellow and Speaker. She is also a Director at the Infinity Burial Project, an organization that researches alternatives means of post-mortem disposal.

Prior to this position, Lee was a Research Fellow at the MIT Program in Art, Culture, and Technology and a Researcher at the Institu fur Raumexperimental/Universitat der Kunste Berlin. She also founded the MIT 'FEMA Trailer Project.'

In terms of her education, Lee studied natural sciences and psychology at Wellesly College and received her Master of Science in Visual Studies from MIT. She holds a certificate in permaculture design and is a TED Global Fellow. As an artist, her work was featured in both worldwide and she was the recipient of a '2009 Creative Capital Foundation Grant' and a '2011 MAK Schindler Scholarship.'

The Jae Rhim Lee keynotes explore the harm preserving dead bodies can do and advocate for more environmentally aware alternatives.

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