James Victore

James Victore

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Arthor, Designer, Professor at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, Filmmaker

The keynotes by James Victore offer discussions about taking chances in work and reclaiming creativity. James Victore provides advice to creatives and designers, and emphasizes the importance of putting meaning and love into work.

James Victore was a board member of AIGA for two years, and is the owner of the independent design studio James Victore Inc. He works as an author, designer, filmmaker and firestarter, and he spends much of his time teaching through lectures, workshops and writings. Some of his clients include Bobbi Brown Cosmetics, Esquire Magazine and The New York Times.

Currently, Victore teaches at the School of Visual Arts in NYC, and he is known for his views about design. The keynotes by James Victore evoke change, and push audiences to perceive work as a gift to have it resonate with other people.

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