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Jamie Oliver

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The Jamie Oliver keynotes dish an alarming wake up call to Americans as he urges the masses to make permanent diet changes in order to reverse the trend in declining life expectancy and better overall lifestyle.

Oliver was educated at Westminster Catering College before moving to France where he joined the acclaimed River Cafe. There he was featured briefly in a documentary, after which he landed his own television gig, a show called 'The Naked Chef.' The popularity of the healthy-eating show won him a BAFTA award, spawned an accompaniment book as well as two other television opportunities. His quest for doing the food industry good continued as his next steps were creating a TV series, Jamie's Kitchen, which was focused on training young people not in school to cook. Initiating educational food campaigns in schools since, he has won awards for the creation of the Feed Me Better campaign, Jamie's School Dinners series and Jamie's Return to School Dinners documentary.

Oliver sits as an advisor on the board of Sainsbury, a supermarket corporation. He currently just finished filming 'Jamie's Food Revolution.'

In attempting to shake audiences out of a mindset that attention to homocide and murder trump that to obesity, the Jamie Oliver keynotes are on the cutting edge of revolutionizing the food culture of today's society.

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