Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda

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Actress, Writer, Author, Political Activist

Jane Fonda's keynotes tackle a subject that remains near and dear to her heart -- women's rights and their place in the world. She also goes on to speak about aging and other important subjects that affect everyone. As a respected actress, Fonda won two Academy Awards for her work in the film industry.

After dropping out of Vassar College to become a model at a young age, Fonda began her acting and modeling career, which led to great amounts of success. She was the star of many exercise videos and fashion campaigns. Fonda was a loud opposer to the Vietnam War and an active rallier. After a brief retirement from acting, she returned and starred in many hit movies and most recently took on a role in HBO's current show 'The Newsroom.'

She also wrote two books thus far, both of which received impressive reviews. Jane Fonda's keynotes reflect the original thoughts and fascinating experiences of this multifaceted and accomplished woman.

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