Janine di Giovanni

Janine di Giovanni

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Author, Journalist

Janine di Giovanni's keynote speeches are ripe with first hand accounts she's gathered from her time in war-torn countries around the world.

A world renowned and award-winning journalist and author, Janine di Giovanni is well known for her powerful writing about global conflicts in places like Bosnia, Palestine, Rwanda, Kenya and Nigeria among others. She is a trusted foreign correspondent who contributes to The Times and The Guardian in Britain as well as Vanity Fair in the United States. She's also contributed to The New York Times Magazine, US Vogue, The Spectator and National Geographic.

She is the author of Ghosts by Daylight and The Place at the End of the World: Essays from the Edge. In her work for publications as well as her own books, she covers the human stories relative to war experiences and sheds light on the devastating conditions endured by citizens in war-torn countries.

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