Jason McCue

Jason McCue

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Jason McCue's speeches deliver insightful ways on viewing as well as fighting terrorism. As a senior partner at McCue & Partners, the lawyer is known for his abundant experience and relentless pursuit in fighting for victims of terrorism as well as his work in Human Rights and Reputation Management.

As a leading expert in crisis management and resolution, Jason McCue has been requested by many governments, organizations, heads of states and public figures to consult on commercial, public and private issues, among others.

He has experienced successes in every continent and in 2010, he was awarded with the Solicitor of the Year from United Kingdom Law Society for his work on human rights in Africa. He is also an honorary recipient for a doctorate in law, which was received in 2011. He is also a trustee for The Great Initiative, which advocates for gender rights and equality for women who work in grassroots levels. The level of passion, compassion and sense of moral responsibility are reflected in Jason McCue's speeches, making him one of the most effective and persuasive keynote speakers in this field.

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