Jay O’Callahan

Jay O’Callahan

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Owner at Artana Productions

The Jay O'Callahan speeches explore the importance of storytelling and its impact on the mind, body and soul. He is the owner of Artana Productions and a prominent American storyteller. O’Callahan has translated his oral stories into written form as well as into picture books. He predominantly focuses on history, and the culture present at that time.

O’Callahan graduated from the College of the Holy Cross, and attempted law school and novel writing; however, he found his talent lied in telling stories, and started his journey in the 1970s, which at the time was the ‘American Storytelling Renaissance.’

His first national appearance took place in 1980 at the National Storytelling Festival, and in 1996 he was added to the 'Circle of Excellence' by the National Storytelling Association. O’Callahan is well travelled, as he has performed all over the world including, China, and New Zealand. He was also part of NASA’s 50th Anniversary, in which he serenaded the crowd with a touching story. The Jay O'Callahan speeches are inspiring and moving.

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