Jay Walker

Jay Walker

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Chairman of Walker Digital

Presentations by Jay Walker address broad topics such as human imagination and the proliferation of language. He explores the implications that these themes have for problems and opportunities facing the world today in areas ranging from economics to climate change.

He is probably most well known as the founder of He has also led and created a number of ventures that currently serve more than 75 million customers throughout the world. As successful a businessman as he is, Walker is dedicated to research and development.

Walker is the Chairman of the private research lab Walker Digital, which focuses on creating new business systems using digital networks. He has been named twice by Time magazine in the TIME Digital 50. He is also one of the most prolific inventors alive today, as his name is on over 600 U.S. utility patents.

Presentations by Jay Walker draw on his experience as an inventor and a businessman. They are brimming with insight into where innovation comes from, how people can cooperate and how goals can be met.

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