Joe Gebbia

Joe Gebbia

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CPO & Co-Founder at Airbnb

The Joe Gebbia speeches provide tips on how to successfully launch a business. Gebbia is the CPO & Co-founder at Airbnb; his works have been featured in predominant publications such as Time Magazine, and Business Week.

Gebbia studied at the Rhode Island School of Design in the field of graphic and industrial design, where he earned a degree in graphic and product design. He also completed liberal arts studies at Brown University and MIT.

In 2005, he launched his first product called ‘Critbuns,’ which are comfortable foam seat cushions. In 2008, he co-founded Airbnb, which is a site that allows anyone to rent out their bedrooms or homes to travelers looking for a place to stay. Gebbia’s company was named the “eBay of Space” by TIME Magazine.

The Joe Gebbia speeches are sure to inspire budding entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams of starting a business.

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