Joe Stump

Joe Stump

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CEO, Co-Founder, Entrepreneur

The Joe Stump keynotes examine how the process of getting older helps fight social pressures, while allowing others to embrace their personal potential. Stump believes that each year offers new lessons and experiences that motivate individuals to improve their lives.

Currently the CEO and co-founder of, Inc., an organization that does everything from accounting to program, possess first-hand life lessons. Prior to this position, Stump was the CEO and founder of SimpleGEO, one of his many entrepreneurial start-ups. In terms of his education, Stump received his BBA in Computer Information Systems from the Eastern University University.

Stump is a contributing writer for, and lectured at Future of Web Apps and Future of Web Design. With personable and heartfelt appeal, the Joe Stump keynotes discuss lessons he has learned through personal experience, which have directed him towards a successful future, something he hopes for everyone.

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