John Hodgman

John Hodgman

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Comedian and Writer

Addressing a multitude of topics, keynotes by John Hodgman speak to this former comedian and writer's ability to make meaning of many phenomena.

A Yale literature graduate with a passion for writing and producing content, Hodgman is a mainstay in the media, and has shown up anywhere from The Daily Show to Apple commercials. His keynotes are as funny as audiences might expect from a former comedian, and are also extremely engaging and entertaining. An accomplished author, Hodgman has written a number of books including 'The Area of My Expertise,' 'More Information Than You Require,' and 'That is All.' His book 'The Area of My Expertise' was full of purely satirical content, and was created as a humor book.

Keynotes by John Hodgman are unexpected, unpredictable and unrivaled in terms of comedic genius. Sure to entertain and enlighten audiences, this is a well-informed yet informal presenter.

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