John Levy

John Levy

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Venture Capitalist, Activist

The John Levy talk on social justice explains how technology and enterprise can solve big world problems. The speaker has a background in venture capitalism and has worked for over 30 years in the cross between finance and technology. Previously, he gained experience as the co-founder and partner of L Capital Partners' Investments and as a partner of the related Shalom Equity Fund. He worked as the founding CEO and Vice Chair of ePlanet as well. He was also at Interval Research Corp. and Ariel Securities Corp. in addition to sitting on the boards of many organizations.

Currently he is the chairman of BioLite (as shared in the John Levy talk) and sits on the board as chairman of the Board of Hypres, Inc. and +N. He also is a member of the Nathan Cummings Foundation's Investment Committee.

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