John Waters

John Waters

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In the John Waters keynotes, he speaks about a number of issues from the perspective of a creative person. He is well-known as an actor, director and writer, producing numerous films over his long and distinguished career.

Waters was born in Baltimore, Maryland where he still lives, though he maintains apartments in New York City and San Fransisco as well. In fact, he sets each one of his films in Baltimore.

Though Waters has worked with such luminaries as Johny Depp, Christina Ricci, and John Travolta, most of his films are not what one would normally describe as "Hollywood." Much of his body of work consists of underground, cult films; Waters has even go so far as to cast convicted felons in his movies in order to achieve authenticity.

As is made clear in many of the John Waters keynote, he is a keen advocate of freedom of expression. He eloquently and convincingly demonstrates the value that even unpleasant or offensive pieces have in society.

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