Johnny Lee

Johnny Lee

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The Johnny Lee keynotes examine how everyday technologies can be transformed into high-functioning tools. Lee shows that by manipulating these objects with an inventive perspective, low-cost tools can be created.

Lee is currently a Human-Computer Interaction researcher at Google, who is often recognized for his work with kinetic development. Prior to this position, Lee worked with Microsoft's Kinect development team as a core member. With regards to his educational background, Lee earned his Ph.D. at the Human-Computer Interaction Institute at Carnegie Mellon University. He also earned his degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Virginia.

Lee was named one of the world's 'Top 35 Innovators Under 35' and his tutorials on YouTube have garnered upwards of ten million views. His innovative works and materials were featured on 'Popular Science' and 'Gizmodo.' Lee was also awarded the opportunity to showcase his ideas at a TED conference and various magazines and newspapers.

Through showing the potential in Wii Remotes and Consoles, the Johnny Lee keynotes are proof that imagination and creativity is key in creating revolutionary technologies and concepts.

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